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Throughout their long history, tiaras have been used to signify status. They were worn by emperors, kings and queens and made of everything from fabric to leather or metal. Today, they are most frequently worn by women on highly formal social occasions. Bridal tiaras worn today are generally a circular or semicircular band made of metal with gems, pearls or rhinestones set in. Tiaras are used in beauty pageants and at weddings to draw all eyes to the beautiful woman at the center of attention. Wedding tiaras are the most common tiara available.

Bride tiaras run in all price ranges, in all colors and all designs. Crystal bridal tiaras are popular but your choice of tiara is only limited by your imagination. Big tiaras sparkle and shine and serve as the center of attention. Small tiaras provide a hint of glimmer and highlight your face. It is important to keep in mind that your tiara is a hair accessory. It needs to be incorporated into the style of your hairdo, so that one doesn’t overpower the other. Make sure that your hair provides a good landscape on which to set your tiara. A big hairdo can suit a big tiara, but a small tiara on a big hair do might look as if your tiara is perched way up high. Keep in mind your face shape when purchasing a tiara as a long face may be elongated by a tiara that is too tall. There are tiaras made to suit every kind of bride, but alternatives to wearing a tiara could be clips, bridal headbands and combs styled with crystals, pearls or gems.

A veil can be worn over a bridal tiara, often tiaras come with loops in order to secure the veil. Long or short veils, the tiara shines out from underneath and when the veil is pulled back the tiara anchors the veil to your head as a beautiful cascade. If your dress has beading or rhinestone, you can select rhinestone bridal tiaras to match. Small white pearls on your dress will compliment a beautiful tiara made of real or faux pearls. Pearl bridal tiaras are gorgeous. Be careful to make sure that the color of your tiara and wedding jewelry matches the color of your dress. If your dress is a true white, a crisp white or silver tiara and bridal jewelry set will match beautifully. However, if your dress is ivory or off-white, then a bright white will look out of place. Instead, try for an ivory or gold bridal tiara.

New Products:

Royal Kate Middleton Inspired Halo Tiara WF9949

Royal Kate Middleton Inspired Halo Tiara WF9949$162.99

Looking to bring some majestic elegance to your wedding after being inspired by the enchanting Royal Wedding? Now you can wear the tiara the world fell in love with and truly feel like a princess! Our Kate Middleton Halo Tiara replica is based off the original and iconic Cartier tiara that has quite a fabulous […]

Silver Clear Round Floral Bridal Headband Headpiece WF1861

Silver Clear Round Floral Bridal Headband Headpiece WF1861$134.99

This Kim Kardashian inspired headpiece is a wrap headband with silver plating and clear round cut rhinestones. This is a truly fabulous and trendy piece with floral embellishment! This is the perfect headpiece for any glamorous bride! Size: 23 1/2″ (Band Length) 21″ (Design Length) 2″ (Embellishment Width/Height)

Silver Light Amethyst Rhinestone Floral Bracelet WFB383

Silver Light Amethyst Rhinestone Floral Bracelet WFB383$24.99

This flower and vine patterned light amethyst rhinestone bracelet is the perfect accessory to your spring or summer wedding. The bracelet measures 6 1/2″ long with a lobster claw clasp.

Silver Clear Necklace and Earring Set WF9951-9953

Silver Clear Necklace and Earring Set WF9951-9953$125.00

Stunning silver clear necklace and earring set for the bride to be. CZ butterfly drop necklace and silver clear Swarovsi and CZ dangle drop bridal earrings. This wedding jewelry set makes a elegant accessory to modern and traditional wedding attire. Size: Necklace – 17″ (Length) 1/16″ (Width) 3/4″ (Drop) Earrings -2″ (Length) 1/2″ (Width).